Hungary Is Inviting Refugees That Feel Oppressed By Leftist Governments

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The far right ring prime minister of Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, announced that they will offer refuge for Western Europeans that feel persecuted by their governments.

The Hungarian government definitely stands out amongst their EU peers when it comes to immigration.  Instead of openly accepting Middle Eastern refugees, they will be sent to make-shift detention camps while their immigration status is assessed.

In a similar fashion as Donald Trump, Orban promised to build a razor wire fence along the entire border with Serbia. Hungary is now considered to be a transit country for  Afghans and Africans seeking refuge in cozier Western European governments.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have poured into Europe thanks to generous immigration policies and benefits handed out by  many EU countries.

PM Orban had also accused the billionaire George Soros of manipulating the politics of his country. He is calling for the identification and transparency of political groups receiving direct funding from Soros.

Political think tanks of Europe fear that the state of the union address of Hungary will set a precedent for nationalism and neo-right politics in Europe.

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