It’s Time to Use Brave and Basic Attention Token to Fight Privacy Violations

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You’re used to the regular kind of creepy ad targeting where you see ads on Facebook for products you were checking out online just the other day.

You’re not used to, or okay with this creepy new, next-level ad tracking that seemingly uses the microphone on your phone, when the Facebook is closed, to listen to your real world conversations for keywords that it can then later use to retarget ads to you with.

You did not give them permission to do this! Or did you? Nobody really reads the small print in the terms of service these days anyways. Even if we did, would we be able to understand the legalese? Probably not!

You’re not one of these people who says “I’m not doing anything wrong, why should I care about my online privacy?”. You know the long term ramifications of a world with little to no privacy online and it’s not a world you want to live in.

Imagine A World Where Our Online Privacy Was Respected

Imagine using apps that actually respect your privacy and have the decency to not spy on you without your permission.

You can have this by simply installing a new, cutting-edge browser called Brave. It’s designed to finally give you the privacy you deserve online. Go install it for your desktop/laptop and mobile device right now here.

As a nice side benefit, it’ll help you save money on your mobile data plan starting on day one.

We’re all better off if we stop supporting apps that don’t respect our privacy, apps like Facebook. But if we must still use these apps, we can better protect our privacy by only accessing these apps through the Brave browser and NOT through the dedicated Facebook Android or iOS app.

The fight for our online privacy is just beginning, and we need to support those who are trying to fight for our privacy. Applications like Brave, DuckDuckGo and Tutanota.


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